Important questions for class 11th (physics)

Important questions for class 11th (physics)

This assignment contains all important questions for class 11th physics.It will help the students to revise all questions in a short period of time .

  1. If (p+ a/V2) (V-b)=RT where the symbols has their usual meanings, then what is the dimension of a/b .
  2. If F= a/ b+√d , where f=force ,d= density  , then find the dimension of a and b.
  3. The factors effecting the time period (T) of the simple pendulum depends on mass , length and acceleration due to gravity . Deduce the relation for time period of the simple pendulum.
  4. To determine acceleration due to gravity ,the time of 20 oscillations of a simple pendulum of length 100 cm was observed to be 40 s . calculate the value of ‘g’ and maximum percentage error in the measured value of ‘g’ .
  5. If power P=a-x2/b where x represents displacement  find the dimension of a and b.
  6. A physical quantity Qis given by Q= A2.B3/2/C4D1/2 percentage error in A,B,C,D are                  1%, 2%,4%,2% respectively . Find the percentage error in Q.
  7. Write the expression for distance covered in nth second by uniformly accelerated body.
  8. A ball is thrown vertically upwards. Draw its:
  • Velocity-time curve
  • Acceleration-time curve.
  1. Draw velocity -time graph of uniformly accelerated motion in one dimension .From the velocity time graph of uniform Accelerated motion ,deduce the equation of motion in distance and time.
  2. The displacement (in metre) of a particle moving along x-axis is given by

x=18 t + 5 t2.Calculate :

  • The instantaneous velocity at t=2s,
  • Average velocity between t=2s and t=3s, and
  • Instantaneous acceleration.


  1. Derive an equation for the distance covered by a uniformly accelerated body in nth second of its motion. A body travels half its total path in the last second of its fall from rest . Calculate the time of its fall.

12.A body moving with a uniform acceleration describes 12 m in 3rd second of its motion and 20 m in the 5th second . find the velocity after 10 seconds.


  1. A car travels first half of a length S with velocity u1. The second half is covered with velocities u2 and u3 for equal time intervals .Find the average velocity of the motion.


  1. A body start from rest and accelerates uniformly .find the ratio of the displacement in, (1)one, two and three seconds, (2) first ,seconds and third second.

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