11th assignment Assignments

Important questions of physics (Term-2)

Important questions of class 11th [physics (Term-2)] This assignment contain the questions of following chapters [ 1- Solids ( elasticity), 2- Fluids , 3- Thermal properties of matter, 4- Thermodynamics,5-Oscillations ,6-Waves ] 1 .What are the basic assumptions of kinetic theory of gases? on their basis, derive an expression for the pressure exerted by an […]

11th assignment

Important questions for class 11th (physics)

Important questions for class 11th (physics) This assignment contains all important questions for class 11th physics.It will help the students to revise all questions in a short period of time . If (p+ a/V2) (V-b)=RT where the symbols has their usual meanings, then what is the dimension of a/b . If F= a/ b+√d , […]