JEE Physics Assignment

JEE main examination is the first step of becoming a JEE qualified or in other words it is a qualifying examination for JEE advance. After qualified in main examination , students has to face JEE advance examination , marks obtained by the students in JEE advance decide the  IIT colleges for the students in India.

Eligibility for JEE main examination

  • All students of class 12th appearing or passed with physics chemistry and mathematics ( but age less than 25 years) are eligible to appear in jee main examination.
  • It can be attempted  maximum 3 times .

JEE main Question paper detail

Question paper has three segments Physics , Chemistry and Math .
Each segment has 30 questions , each of marks 4 but in the case of wrong answer 1 mark gets deducted .
Most important thing is that students board examination marks doesn’t play any role in the result of JEE main
( 2 years ago it was considered  but now it is removed)  .

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