Electromagnetic wave

em wave

 Chapter:   ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVE What is em wave ? how it is produced ?and all kind of feature are explained here. The propagating in space through electric and magnetic field varying in space and time simultaneously are called electromagnetic wave . Origin – The electro magnetic wave are produced by an accelerated and deaccelerated charge or… Continue reading Electromagnetic wave

Projectile motion


Projectile motion Projectile given horizontal projection and projectile given angular projection In this topic we will discuss about projectile given horizontal and projectile given angular projection. And we will derive the expressions for equation of trajectory, time of flight , vertical height , horizontal range and velocity of projectile at any time . Projectile motion-… Continue reading Projectile motion



PHASOR DIAGRAM- PHASORS AND PHASOR DIAGRAM- The co-planar vectors which represents sinusoidal time varying quantities like alternating current or alternating voltage are known as phasor and the graphical representation of these quantities for the ac circuit is known as phasor diagram. In another words we can say when AC or alternating voltage  represented as rotating… Continue reading PHASOR DIAGRAM

What do you mean by Relative velocity ?

Relative Velocity Analysis

This topic will discuss about the velocity of an object with respect to another object. In this article you will learn Relative Velocity Analysis  in both forms text and video as well.  Relative velocity of one object with respect to another is the velocity with which one object moves with respect to another object .When… Continue reading What do you mean by Relative velocity ?



GRAPH In this post we will discuss about the graph , and how graphs makes to understand  the physics easily ? Graph- As we know it is not easy to study or understand the physics. Students who is taking interest in physics and want to understand the physics, it is necessary to improve your mathematics… Continue reading GRAPH



MOTION MOTION , THERE DIFFERENT TYPES, AND EQUATIONS OF MOTION .   Motion – Rest and Motion -An object is said to be in rest , if body does not change its position with time , with respect to surroundings . An object is said to be in motion , if body  changes its position… Continue reading MOTION


mutual induction

Mutual induction- In this topic students will study what is mutual induction and coefficient of mutual induction / mutual inductance? And what is the unit of mutual inductance Mutual induction- Let us consider two coils placed near to each other closely . One of the coil carries the battery is the primary coil and the… Continue reading MUTUAL INDUCTION

Definition of Ampere

electric- current

Define 1 Ampere This topic only explain the term definition of Ampere ( which is explain in different-different  type . Students can learn it according to there needs.  ) Ampere is the basic unit of electric current . It is named after Andre-Marie -Ampere a French scientist  born in 1775  . He also known as… Continue reading Definition of Ampere