Combination of resistances

Combination of resistances In this topic we will discuss about combination of resistances , i.e series and parallel combination of resistances . Combination of resistances – Series combination –  In series combination resistors are connected end to end with one another . resistors are said to be connected in series , when same current passes… Continue reading Combination of resistances



GRAPH In this post we will discuss about the graph , and how graphs makes to understand  the physics easily ? Graph- As we know it is not easy to study or understand the physics. Students who is taking interest in physics and want to understand the physics, it is necessary to improve your mathematics… Continue reading GRAPH

Definition of Ampere

electric- current

Define 1 Ampere This topic only explain the term definition of Ampere ( which is explain in different-different  type . Students can learn it according to there needs.  ) Ampere is the basic unit of electric current . It is named after Andre-Marie -Ampere a French scientist  born in 1775  . He also known as… Continue reading Definition of Ampere


self- induction

Explain the term self-induction of a coil Self – Induction – It is the property of an electric circuit or coil by virtue of which it opposes any change of flux or current in it by inducing a current in itself is called self- induction. In another words we can say “self-induction is the inertia… Continue reading SELF-INDUCTION