Electrostate Assignment-1 for the class 12

These questions are based on the 12th Board examination. This first set of questions cover the chapters of Electrostatic in Physics where we deal with charge in rest and what properties it shows. Check the questions below of electrostate Assignment-1 for the class 12 .

Short answer type Questions

Q1. Can a charged body attract an uncharged body?

Q2. A small test charge is released at rest at a point in an electrostatic field. Will it travel along the field line passing through that point?

Q3. In an electric field an electron is kept freely. If the electron is replaced by proton, what will be the relationship between the forces experienced by them?

Q4. A metallic sphere is placed in uniform electric field as shown in the figure. Which path is followed by electric field lines and why?

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Q5. find the value of electric field that would exactly balance the weight of electron.

Q6. if the Coulomb’s law involved 1/r3 dependence (instead of 1/r3), where r is distance between two point changes would Gauss’s law still be true?

Q7. A glass rod is rubbed with silk. Will its mass increase or decrease ?

Q8 . An electrostatic field line cannot be discontinuous, why?

Q9. Which orientation of an electric dipole in a uniform electric field would correspond to stable equilibrium ?

Q10. The distance of the point on equatorial plane of a small electric dipole is halved. By what factor will the electric field due to dipole at the point changes?

Q11. When two electrically charged particles having charges of different magnitude are placed at a distance d from each other, they experience a force of attraction F. these two particles are put in contact and again placed at the same distance from each other. What is the nature of new forces between them ?

Guidence : This is the researched Electrostate Assignment of Physics Classes by Nayan Jha. Please read the questions carefully before attempting.

Q12. What is the line of symmetry of a dipole field?

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Q13. Repulsion is the sure test of electric charge. Explain

Q14. An electric dipole moment P is placed in a uniform electrostatic field E. for what angle between P and E will the potential energy of the electric dipole be half of its maximum value?

Q15. Figure shows three point charges +2q , -q and +3q. two charges +2q and –q are enclosed within a surface S. what is the electric fix due to this configuration through the surface S?

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