Colour code for carbon resistor

Colour code for carbon resistor –

In this topic we will discuss about Colour code for carbon resistor .In which we will know that how can we find the value of carbon resistor .

Before to know about this topic  Colour code for carbon resistor students must have to learn about resistance and resistivity .

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Colour code of carbon resistor –

A carbon resistor are made by modulating carbon into a cylinder with wire leads at the two ends . such carbon resistor is encased in plastic jackets .

The colour code for the carbon resistor is given in the table :-

To remember the value of colour coding we must keep in my mind the following sentences :-

B B ROY of Great Britain has Very Good Wife wearing Gold Silver Necklace

[ here bold capital figure gives the first name of the colour shown in the table]




Way to find the resistance of carbon resister –

(i) Colour of the first strip A from the ends indicates the first significant figure,

(ii) colours of the second strip B indicates the second significant figure of resistance,

(iii) The colour of the third strip C indicates the multiplier,

(iv) The colour of the fourth strip R indicates the tolerance limit of the resistance.

[ note- if fourth strip is not given then tolerance will be 20%]


Example- for the given carbon resistor, first strip be red, second strip be yellow, third be orange and fourth is gold. what is the resistance?

Solution-    sequence of the colour band is – red, yellow, orange and gold

Therefore, value of resistance of the given resistor =24 x 103 +- 5% Ohm;

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