Complete notes of current electricity

Complete notes of current electricity –

electric- current

Physics classes by Nayan jha providing Complete notes of current electricity . As you know i am already provided the notes of all topics related to current electricity. But for the students to get the Complete notes of current electricity , here students can find each topics of current electricity at one page .

1. Electric current,

2. Drift velocity , mobility  , relation between drift velocity and current

3. proof of Ohm’s law on the basis of drift velocity .

4. Current density , resistance , conductance , resistivity, conductivity , relation between current density and drift velocity.

4. Effect of temperature on resistance and resistivity  , graph of resistance(resistivity) Vs temperature for conductors/alloy /semiconductors .

5. Ohmic and non-ohmic conductors ( graph) ,

6.Carbon resister and color coding .

7. Combination of resistors ( series and parallel ) .

8. Internal resistance (r) , terminal potential (V)  and emf (E)  of the cell and relation between them . also graph between ( V,E, r and R)  .

9.Combination of cells (series, parallel ,and mixed grouping) .

10. Kirchhoff’s law (junction and loop rules) ,

11.Wheat -stone bridge .

12. Meter bridge.

13. Potentiometer and its applications ( effects on null points on different -different conditions ).

14. Electrical energy and power .


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