Important questions of thermodynamics

Important questions of thermodynamics

This assignment contains all important questions of thermodynamics. It will help the students of class 11th to practice the entire chapter of thermodynamics for the final examination of class 11th , in cbse/icsc and   all state board examinations.


  1. During an adiabatic process, the pressure of a gas is found to be proportional to cube of its absolute temperature what is the ratio of Cp/Cv ?
  2. Can a room be cooled by opening the door of a refrigerator in a closed room?
  3. Which molecules ice at 0⁰C or water at 0⁰C have greater potential energy and why?
  4. (a) can the temperature of system be increases without heating it? (b) can heat be added to a system without increasing its temperature?
  5. A refrigerator, whose coefficient of performance β is 5 extract heat from the cooling compartment at the rate of 250 j per cycle.
  • (a)How much work per cycle is required to operate the refrigerator cycle? (b) how much heat per cycle is discharged to the room which acts as high temperature reservoir?
  1. A piston divides a closed gas cylinder gas into two parts. Initially the piston is kept pressed such that one part has a pressure p and volume 5V and the other part has pressure 8p and volume v; the piston is now left free. Find the new pressure and volume for the isothermal and adiabatic prosses.
  2. Two car not engine A and B ate operated in series. The first one A receive heat at 800k and rejects to a reservoir at TK. The second engine B receives the heat rejected by the first engine and in turn
  3. A mass of diatomic gas (=1.4) at a pressure of 2 atmosphere is compressed adiabatically, so that its temperature rises from 27⁰C to 927⁰. What is the pressure of the gas in the final state.
  4. State and explain the isothermal process, derive the expression for work done in isothermal process.
  5. State and explain the adiabatic process, derive the expression for work done in adiabatic process.


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