Objective questions of alternating current

Objective questions of alternating current


This assignment (Objective questions of alternating current),provide the important objective questions of the chapter alternating current ,which is important for the students preparing for class-12th board examination or , other competitive examinations (JEE/NEET)

Before to solve this assignment (Objective questions of alternating current), student should solve the assignment of objective questions of electromagnetic induction-

  1. A direct current of 5 amp is superimposed on an alternating current I = 10sin ɷt flowing through a wire. The effective value of the resulting current will be:
  • (a)(15/2) amp     (b) 5√3 amp  (c) 5√5 amp      (d) 15 amp
  1. In an AC circuit, a resistance of R ohm is connected in series with an inductance L. If phase angle between voltage and current is 45°, the value of inductive reactance will be:
  • (a)R/4
  • (b)R/2
  • (c)R
  • (d)cannot be found with the given data
  1. Resonance frequency of L – C circuit is:
  • (a)1/2π √LC       (b) 1/2πLC   (c) 1/2π √L/C   (d) 1/2π √LC
  1. In L-C-R series AC circuit, the phase angle between current and voltage is:
  • (a)any angle between 0 and ± π/2
  • (b)π/2
  • (c)π
  • (d)any angle between 0 and π
  1. In an L-C-R circuit, the capacitance is made one-fourth, when in resonance, so that the circuit remains in resonance?
  • (a)4 times    (b) (1/4) times       (c) 8 times        (d) 2 times

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