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In Maths, integration is a method of adding or summing up the parts to find the whole. It is a reverse process of differentiation, where we reduce the functions into parts. This method is used to find the summation under a vast scale. Calculation of small addition problems is an easy task which we can do manually or by using calculators as well.

But for big addition problems, where the limits could reach to even infinity, integration methods are used. Integration and differentiation both are important parts of calculus. The concept level of these topics is very high. Hence, it is introduced to us at higher secondary classes and then in engineering or higher education.

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We can say, integration is the calculation of an integral. Integrals in mathematics are used to find many useful quantities such as areas, volumes, displacement, etc. When we speak about integrals, it is related to usually definite integrals. The indefinite integrals are used for anti-derivatives. Integration is one of the two major calculus topics in Mathematics, apart from differentiation(which measure the rate of change of any function with respect to its variables). It’s a vast topic which is discussed at higher level classes like in Class 11 and 12

To download the important questions of indefinite integration click below.

To download the important questions of indefinite integration click below.

Assignment- Definite integration

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