Objective questions of magnetic effect of current

Objective questions of magnetic effect of current

this assignment contains all important objective type  questions of  magnetic effect of current . Students preparing for 12th board examination or other competitive examination  like JEE/NEET.

Before to solve objective questions of this chapter student may solve the objective questions of electric current. To download assignment of objective questions of electric current click here- 

  1. Magnetic induction is measured in:
  •  (a)weber (b) weber/m     (c) weber/m2      (d) weber/m3
  1. The force acting on a charge q moving with a velocity ʋ in a magnetic field of induction B is given by:
  • (a) q/(ʋ ₓ B) (b) (ʋ ₓ B)/q      (c) q/(ʋ ₓ B)         (d) (ʋ . B)q
  1. Two free parallel wire carrying currents in the opposite directions:
  • (a)attract each other
  • (b)repel each other
  • (c)do not affect each other
  • (d)get rotated to be perpendicular to each other
  1. Two parallel wires carrying currents in the same direction attract each other because of:
  • (a)potential difference between them
  • (b)mutual inductance between them
  • (c)electric forces between them
  • (d)magnetic force between them
  1. A free charged particle moves through a magnetic field. The particle may undergo a change in:
  • (a)speed  (b)energy   (c) direction of motion  (d) none these
  1. An electron and a proton travel with equal speeds and in the same direction, at 90° to a uniform magnetic field. They experience forces which are initially:

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