Objective questions of current electricity


This topic provide important  objective questions for electric current it will be very important for the students preparing for class 12th board examination or JEE/NEET

  1. For which of the following dependence of drift velocity ʋ on electric field E is ohm’s law obeyed?
  • (a) ʋ ꭀ E (b) ʋ = constant              (c) ʋ ꭀ E1/2              (d) ʋ ꭀ E2
  1. in metals the time of relaxation of electrons:
  • (a)increases with increasing temperature
  • (b)decreases with increasing temperature
  • (c)does not depend on temperature
  • (d)changes suddenly at 400 K
  1. Constantan wire is used for making standard resistance because it has:
  • (a)low specific resistance
  • (b)high specific resistance
  • (c)negligible temperature coefficient of resistance
  • (d)high melting point
  1. A potential difference is applied across the ends of a metallic wire. If the potential difference is doubled, the drift velocity:
  • (a)will be doubled                               (c) will be quadrupled
  • (b)will be halved (d) will remain unchanged
  1. The maximum current that flows in the fuse wire, before it blow out, varies with the radius r as:
  • (a)r3/2      (b) r                                   (c) r2/3                    (d) r1/2
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