Resolution of vectors

Resolution of vectors

In this topic we will discuss about the meaning of resolution of vectors , how can we resolve a vector ? What are the applications of resolution of vectors ? and rectangular components of a vector quantity.

Before to know about the Resolution of vectors , students must know about what is a vector quantity?

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After to know about vector quantity , students should learn about addition of vectors.

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Resolution of vectors-

It is the process of splitting a single vector into two or more vectors in different directions which together produce the same effect as is produced by the single vector alone.

Application of resolution of vector –

(1) It is easier to pull a lawn roller than push it

(2) Walking of a man is the another example of resolution of vector

Rectangular components of a vector in a plane

If we split a vector in two component vectors at right angles to each other then the component vectors are called rectangular components of a vector .

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After completing all  the topics related to vectors given above , students has to know about , the next topic related to vector , ADDITION OF VECTORS. To read the notes on multiplication of vectors click here-


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