Sample paper physics class 12

Sample paper physics class 12

This is the third sample paper physics class 12 published by physics classes by Nayan Jha  . This question paper is totally based on new pattern (2020) applied by the CBSE , it will help the students to practice well before the examination . Physics classes by nayan jha already launched two sample paper previously .

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Sample paper physics class12 (Third sample paper)-


1.If ɸ E.ds =0, a surface, that means:-                                                    (a)There is net charge present inside the surface    (b)Uniform electric field inside the surface (c)Discontinuous field inside the surface (d)Charge present inside the surface

2.A parallel plate capacitor is charged by a battery. Once it is charged battery is removed now a dielectric material is inserted between the plates of the capacitor, which of the following does not change?                                                                                                                                            (a)Electric field between the plats(b)Potential difference across the plates(c)Charge on the plates(d)Energy stored in the capacitor.

3.In a meter bridge experiment, resistance box(with R=2 Ω) is connected in the left gap and the unknown resistance S in the right gap. If balancing length be 40cm, calculate the value of S.                                (a)2 Ω     (b)3 Ω      (c)4 Ω         (d)5 Ω

4.For a cell of emf 2V, a balance is obtained for 50cm of the potentiometer wire. If the cell is shunted by a 2 Ω resistor and the balance is obtained across 40cm of the wire, then the internal resistance of the cell is ;                                                                                        (a)1Ω    (b)5 Ω    (c)2 Ω    (d)5 Ω

5. Which of the following is weakly repelled by a magnet field:(a)Iron   (b)Cobalt     (c)Steel      (d)Copper                                                                                       To download complete question paper click here- SAMPLE PAPER (third)

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Studens preparing for JEE (2020), can view the type of questions , standard of questions asked in january examination.

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