12th Assignments

Important questions of electromagnetic wave

Important questions of electromagnetic wave-

All the question given below is very Important questions of electromagnetic wave.

Students of class 12th and who is preparing for   ,JEE/ NEET must have to solve the questions given below .These are very Important questions of electromagnetic wave.

before to solve all questions given below, student must have to read all the topic of electromagnetic wave; to read the entire chapter : click here-Electromagnetic wave:-

em wave

Important questions for electromagnetic wave-

  1. How are electromagnetic wave produced ? what is the source of energy of these wave ? write mathematical expression for electric and magnetic fields of an electromagnetic wave propagating along the Z-axis . also write the important properties of electromagnetic wave.
  2. Why does a galvanometer when connected in series with a capacitor shows momentary deflection , when it is being charged or discharge ? how does this observation lead the modifying the Ampere’s circuital law ? hence write the generalised expression for Ampere circuital law .
  3. A capacitor , made of two parallel plates each of plate area A and separation d , is being charged by an external AC source . show that the displacement current inside the capacitor is same as the current charging the capacitor .
  4. What is meant by transverse nature of electromagnetic waves? Draw the diagram showing the propagation of an electromagnetic wave along X direction , indicating clearly the directions of oscillating electric and magnetic field associated with it .
  5. (a) which of the following electromagnetic radiations has least frequency: UV-RAY,X-RAY,MICROWAVES ?(b)How do you show that electromagnetic wave carry energy and momentum ? (c) write the expression for the energy density of an electromagnetic wave propagating in free space.
  6. An em wave is travelling in a medium with velocity v along x- axis , draw a sketch showing the propagation of the em wave , indicting the direction of oscillating electric and magnetic field . how are the magnitude of magnetic and electric field related to the velocity of em wave ?
  7. Give two characteristics of em waves . write the expression for the velocity of em wave in terms of permittivity and permeability of the medium .
  8. How are electromagnetic wave produced by oscillating charges ? state clearly how a microwave oven works to heat up a food item containing water molecule . why are microwave found useful for the radar systems in aircraft navigation?
  9. (a) name the em wave which are used for the treatment for certain form of cancer    . write their frequency range . (b) thin ozone layer on the top of stratosphere is crucial for human survival . why? (c) why is amount of momentum transferred by the em wave incident on the surface so small?
  10. (a)Which segment of em wave is higher frequency ? how are these wave produced / give one use of these wave .(b)which em wave lie near the high frequency end of visible part of em spectrum / give its one use . in what way this component of light has harmful effect on humen?
  11. Find the wavelength of em wave of frequency (i)5×1019Hz (ii) 6x 1012Hz (iii) 4x 109 Write its two application, and how it is prepared? when an ideal capacitor is charged by a dc battery , no current flows . however , when an ac source used , the current flows continuously . how does one explain this , based on the concept of displacement current?
  12. Suppose that the electric field amplitude of an electromagnetic wave is E0=120N/C and that is frequency f =50.0MHz (i) determine B0,ω,k and λ (ii) find expression for electric and magnetic field .
  13. In a plane em wave , the electric field oscillate sinusoidally at a frequency of 2.0 x 1010Hz and amplitude 48V/m (i) what is the wavelength of the wave?(ii) what is the amplitude of oscillating magnetic field ?(iii) show that the average energy density of electric fields equal the average energy density of the magnetic field.
  14. A capacitor made of two circular plates each of radius r= 12cm and separation d = 5.0mm. the capacitor is being charged by an external source . the charging current is constant having value I = 0.15 A. (i) calculate the rate of change of electric field between the plates .(ii) find the displacement current across the plates .(iii)is Kirchhoff’s first rule is valid for each plate of capacitor ? Explain.
  15. A capacitor made of two circular plates each of radius r= 6cm and capacitance c=100pF. the capacitor is connected to an ac source of 230v with angular frequency 300rad/sec . (i) what is the rms value of the conduction current ?(ii)is conduction current equal to displacement current ?(iii)determine the amplitude of magnetic field induction at any point 3.0 cm away from the axis between the plates.                                          To read the complete chapter of em wave click here

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