11th Notes


BEATSIf two tuning fork whose frequency is slightly different are sounded together , the sound we hear periodically fluctuates in intensity , i.e intensity increases and decreases suddenly . This periodic variations in intensity of sound are called beats. So we can define “ Beats are periodic vibration in the intensity of sound when two […]

11th assignment Assignments

Important questions of oscillations

Important questions of oscillations- 1. What is meant by periodic and oscillatory motion? Distinguish between them. 2. What is meant by SHM . Find the expressions for displacement , velocity and acceleration. Also find the phase difference between them. 3. Find the potential energy and kinetic energy of a SHM and hence show that total […]

11th assignment

Important questions of oscillations and waves

Important questions of oscillations and waves This assignment contains all important questions of oscillations and waves , it will help the students preparing for the final class examination and prepare entire chapters in short time . What do you mean by SHM ? Find expression for its displacement, velocity and acceleration , also write their […]