10th Physics Notes

Life process

This assignment belongs to the class 10th science chapter-6 , Life process.

All important question belongs to this chapter is given here. After solving this question , students can improve the chapter Life process , and can prepare for board examination.

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                        Life process ( ch-6) (biology)

Multiple choice questions-:

1.Select the incorrect pair.

(a)Respiration-oxidation to food to obtain energy. (b)Nutrition-obtaining and utilising nutrients. (c)Transportation-response to stimuli (d)Excretion-removed to waste by products

2.Which one of the following juice secreted in the human body does not contain any enzyme?

a)Salivary Juice.                       b)Bile Juice.

c)Gastric Juice.                         d)Pancreatic Juice.

3.Rings of cartilage present in the throat ensures that,

a)the air passage collapses                 b)the air passage does not collapse

c)the air is filtered entering the nostrils d)None of these

4.The function  of the lymph fluid is to, a) drains excess fluid from extracellular space back into the blood. b) carries digested and absorbed fat from intestine. c) circulates around the body and help in clotting of blood. d )Both (a) and (b).

5.Which of the following are energy foods? (a)Carbohydrates and fats. (b)Proteins and minerals salts. (c)Vitamins and minerals. (d)Water and roughage.

6.In which mode of nutrition an organisms derives its food from the body of another living organisms without killing it? (a) Saprotrophic nutrition. (b)Parasitic nutrition. (c)Holozoic nutrition. (d)Autotrophic nutrition.

7.Roots of the plants absorb water from the soil through the process of,(a)Diffusion. (b)Transpiration. (c)Osmosis. (d)None of these.

8.The site of photosynthesis in the cells of a leaf is, (a)Chloroplast. (b)Mitochondria. (c)Cytoplasm. (d)Protoplasm.

9.In amoeba food digested in the: (a)Food vacuole. (b)Mitochondria. (c)Pseudopodia. (d)Chloroplast.

10.Which region of the alimentary canal absorbs the digested food (a)Stomach. (b)Small intestine. (c)Large intestine. (d)Liver.

11.The exit of unabsorbed food material is regulated by,



(c)Small intestine.

(d)Anal sphincter.

12.Name the substance whose build up in the muscle during vigorous physical exercises may cause cramps?

(a)Ethanol + carbon dioxide +energy.

(b)Lactic acid +energy.

(c)Carbon dioxide+ water+ energy.


13.The movement of food in phloem is called:





14.The procedure used cleaning the blood of a person by seprating urea from it is called.




(d)Double circulation.
















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Two marks question.

15.(a)Does the transport of food in plants require living tissue and energy?

(b)Name the components of food that are transported by the living tissues.Our body produces various waste products through different processes. List the waste products with the organs involved in their removal.

16.Differentiate between single and  double circulation found in veterbrates.

17.What are the two stages in photosynthesis.Differentiate between aerobic and anaerobic respiration.

18.What is the role of glomerulus in kidney?

Three marks question

19.why is it necessary to separate oxygenated and deoxygenated blood in mammals and birds?

20.Chloroplast are called energy convertors. Explain.

21.What are the functions of lymph in our body.

22.How is haemoglobin associated with respiration explained?

23.How is transpiration pull responsible for upward movement of water?

Five marks questions.

24.(a). In which form are oxygen and carbon dioxide transported in the blood?

(b). What happens to the muscles of the diaphragm, the external intercostal muscles and the position of diaphragm during inspiration and expiration?

(c). Why do the walls of trachea not collapse, when there is less air in it?

25.Shanu told his father that plants exude out a lot of water in the form  of vapour through leaves. Define this  process .what is its importance ? How do stomata help in this process?

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