12th Assignments Assignments

Short answer type questions of ray optics

Short answer type questions- (2 marks),

This assignment provides Very important short answer type questions of ray optics which is very important for the class 12th board examinations.

1.What are the necessary conditions for the phenomenon of total internal reflection to occur . Also write the relation between refractive index and critical angle for a given pair of optical media.

2. State the principle on which the working of an optical fiber is based. What are the necessary conditions of  phenomenon to occur?

3. Define critical angle . Obtain a relation between refractive index and critical angle for a pair of media . Does critical angle depends on the colour of light ? Explain.

4. Draw ray diagrams to show how specially designed prism make use of total internal reflection to obtain the inverted image of the object by deviating rays (i) through 900 (ii) through 1800.

5. Find the relation between real depth and apparent depth with the refractive index , when light moves from denser medium to rarer medium.

6. A fish in the water tank sees the outside world as if fish at the vertex of cone such that the circular base of the cone coincide with the surface of water . Given the depth of water were fish is located being h and critical angle for water-air interface being ic , find out by drawing the ray diagram the relationship between the radius of the cone and height h.

7. Draw the ray diagram showing the path of a ray of light entering through a triangular glass prism . Deduce the expression for the refractive index of glass prism in terms of the angle of minimum deviation and angle of the prism.

8. A convex lens of focal length f1 is kept in contact with another lens of focal length f2 . Find an expression for the focal length of the combination.

Watch the video of related topic combination of lenses click here-

9. Why does the sun appear reddish at sunset or sunrise? For which colour the refractive index of prism material is maximum and minimum?

10. Draw the ray diagram showing formation of image by a magnifying glass when the image is formed at infinity also find the angular magnification of image.

11. Define the magnifying power of compound microscope when the final image is formed at infinity. Why does objective and the eyepiece of a compound microscope has short focal lengths ? explain.

12. Draw  a schematic diagram of reflecting telescope (Cassegrain). Write its two advantages .or, Modern telescope prefer using suitable mirrors over using suitable lens , give two reasons for this preferences.

13. Use a lens formula and show that (i) Object placed at the focal length of the convex lens for image at infinity.(ii) Object is placed between O(optical center) and F (focus) the image will be virtual.

14. Draw a plot showing the variation of power of a lens with the wavelength of the incident light.

15 A double convex lens made from a material of refractive index µ1 is immersed in liquid of refractive index µ2 where µ21 . What change if any, would occur in the nature of the lens?