What is electric current

What is electric currentelectric current

What is electric current ? what is its unit ? define Ampere.

Electric current-When electric charges is in motion , they constitute what is called an electric current . electric current is defined as the rate of flow of charge through an area of the conductor . if  Q is the charge flows through a conductor in time T then  electric current I = Q/T

Or  I= dQ /dt . unit of current is Ampere .

We can define 1 Ampere  is the current flowing through a conductor when 1 Coulomb  of charge flows through a conductors in unit time.

In the terms of drift velocity current I = n e A Vd  where n is the charge density , A  is the area of cross-section of the conductor , e is the charge on electron and Vd is the drift velocity.

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In terms of Ohm’s law – current  I = V/R  V is the potential difference across the conductor and R is the resistance of the conductor .

So we can say 1 Ampere current flows through a conductor when unit potential difference setup across a conductor of resistance 1 Ohm .


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