12th Notes

Important points on refraction of light.

In this note we will discuss about the very important points on the refraction of light , every students must keep it in the mind . It is use ful for objective point of view. Keep in your mind- Some important thing for refraction of light. 1. Refractive index  ยต=c/v where c is the velocity […]

11th assignment

Important numericals of surface tension

This assignment contains Important numericals of surface tension which is solved . solution is given just below the questions. 1.The surface tension of the soap solution is 30 x 10-3N/m .How much work is done to increase the radius of the soap bubble from 1.5 cm to 3 cm .     Ans- 5.091 x 10-4 j. […]

11th assignment JEE NEET/PMT

Questions based on surface tension

This assignment contains some important questions based on the surface tension, in which there are some objective and some numericals based questions. these questions are for the practice of the topic surface tension and surface energy, excess pressure inside the liquid drop, soap bubble , ascent formula etc. Question based on surface tension and surface […]