11th assignment Assignments

Important numericals on temperature and thermometer (Temperature scale)

Temperature is a relative measure of hotness or coldness of a body. An object at a higher temperature is said to be hotter than the one at a lower temperature. The S.I. unit of temperature is Kelvin(K).

(We must keep it in our mind that , Heat and temperature are not the same thing , heat is the flow of energy , whereas temperature is a microscopic property of body.)

Important numericals on Thermal properties of matter.

A- Numericals based on temperature and( temperature scale)

Formula used in the following questions-

    [ ( Tc-0)/100 = (tF-32)/180 = (tK-273)/100 = (tr-F.P.)/(B.P. –F.P.) ]

temperature scales

1. An object has a temperature of 500F. What is the temperature in degrees Celsius and in Kelvin?

 [Ans- 100C, 283.15K]

2. A pan of water is heated from 250C to 800C. What is the change in the temperature in Kelvin scale and on the Fahrenheit scale?   [Ans- 55K,990F]

3. A faulty thermometers reads 50C in melting ice and 990C in steam .Find the correct temperature in 0F when this faulty thermometer reads 520C.    [Ans-1220F]

4. At what temperature is the Fahrenheit scale reading equal to half that on the Celsius scale?             [Ans-0.6670F]

5. At what temperature the reading on both Celsius and Fahrenheit scale remain the same? [Ans—400C]

6. The triple points of neon and carbon dioxide are 24.57K and 216.55K respectively. Express temperatures on the Celsius and Fahrenheit scale. [Ans—248.580C, -56.60C, -415.440F,-69.880F].

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