12th Assignments Test Preparation

Test eletric chargs and fileld

This test paper based on the topic Electric charges and field,(chapter -1 CBSE ). This test paper contains objective, assertion-reason ,case study based questions also, provided by Physics classes by Nayan jha.


                                                   Test class 12th

1.Two small identical sphere having charges +10μC attract each other with a force of F newton. If they are kept in contact and then separated by the same distance, the new force between them is: (a) F/6      (b) 16F      (c) 16F/9        (d) 9F                   

2.An electric dipole is placed in a non-uniform electric field. Then net:

  • force experienced is zero while torque is not zero
  • force experienced is zero and torque is also zero
  • both force and torque are not zero
  • force experienced is not zero while torque is zero                                     

3.Electric charges q , q, -2q are placed at the corners of an equilateral triangle ABC of side l. The magnitude of electric dipole moment of the system is:

  • (a)ql            (b) 2ql                      (c) √3ql                      (d) 4ql               

4.Eight dipoles of charges of magnitude e are placed inside a cube. The total electric flux coming out of the cube will be: (a) 8e/ε0    (b) 16e/ε0   (c) e/ε0     (d) zero            

5.The ratio of electric fields on the axis and at equator of an electric dipole will be:

  • (a)1 : 1     (b) 2 : 1         (c) 4 : 1        (d) 1 : 4                                

6.Two point charges exert on each other a force F when they are placed r distance apart in air. When they are placed R distance apart in a medium of dielectric constant K, they exert the same force. The distance R equals: (a)r/√K                            (b) r/K                       (c) rK                        (d) r√K                                                                                                                                         To download the complete test paper click on the link given below-

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