Complete notes of electrostatics

Complete notes of electrostatics –



Here complete notes on electrostatics is provided by physics classes by Nayan jha . This notes are based on CBSE  Delhi syllabus . This is the combination of all the topics already provided on this website , which can be studied by the students one by one ( individually )  . If students wants to see all the notes on single page  can go through this page . The link of the all topics are given below –

Topic-1 -; What is electric charge ? And  what are the properties of charge? 

Topic-2-; Coulomb’s law of electrostatics (Vector form)

Topic-3-;  Electric field , and electric field lines . All the properties of electric field lines  

Topic-4-; Electric dipole , electric field at a point on axial and equatorial point due to dipole .

Topic-5-;Electric field at any point due to a dipole 

Topic-6-; Expression for torque and potential energy , when a dipole is placed in external uniform electric field.

Topic-7-; Electrostatic potential and potential energy

Topic-8-; Equi-potential surfaces

Topic-9-; Electric flux and area vector

Topic-10-; Gauss’s law , proof of Gauss’s law , and prove of Coulomb’s law with the help of Gauss’s law

Topic-11-; What do you mean by the term electrical capacitance?

Topic-12-; Explain  parallel plate capacitor , find expression for capacitance of parallel plate capacitor .

Topic-13-; Grouping (combination ) of capacitors ( series and parallel combination)

Topic-14-; Energy stored in capacitor and energy density

Topic-15-;Common potential and loss in energy on shearig charges

Topic-16-; Non-polar and polar dielectrics

Topic-17-; Capacitance of parallel plate capacitor with conducting and dielectric slab 




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